"The Go-To-Guy"

A nickname given to me by my wife. I have also been called "Mr. Fixit", "Major", and jokingly "Johnny Parrot Mustache" by my daughter when she was 3. I am still confused by that one but answered to it just the same.

Our daughter describes me as an artist, web developer, vegan chef and recording engineer who likes fixing things and helping people.

It is true, I like helping people. Drop me a line if you would like some assistance (on anything) and we can work out the details.

Old Barn Painting

The Artist

I've been drawing since I can remember. I recently started painting with acrylics. I will be taking some pictures of the work I still have in my possession and posting them on this site. More to follow later...

The Web Developer

I start web development early 2015. I am currently maintaining seven websites. I'm in the process of developing a portfolio site with each sites links. My most recent website was for my daughter. It can be found here

The Recording Engineer

My wife and daughter are musicians. My wife's preferred instrument is electric bass. She also sings and writes music. She and several of her musician friends told me I should pursue audio recording. I told them I'm not a musician and they each said, "we don't care. We just want someone that knows what the knobs mean." I laughed and went on to finish my recording engineer certificate. More to follow...

What John does

I mentioned my top 3 projects but that in no way completely defines me. I'm going to be cataloging other projects as well. As I develop different categories, I will post them here.

Recommended and Favorite Books

  • Prometheus Rising ~ Robert Anton Wilson
  • PMA-Science of Success ~ Napoleon Hill
  • The Success Principles ~ Jack Canfield

Favorite Password Manager

Lastpass is the best. They have free and premium offers. Click here to sign-up.

Vegan Recipe Collection

Coming Soon!

Web Resources

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